Reims, France 2011

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COUNCIL ELECTIONS – REIMS CONGRESSThe Election rules are printed on p. 12 of the latest Newsletter.

Council 2009-2011
Karen Westerfield Tucker (American, United Methodist)

* President-Elect: 
Gordon Lathrop (American, Lutheran)

* Treasurer: 
Hans Krech (German, Lutheran)

* Secretariat: 
Alan Barthel, (American/Canadian; United Church/Anglican)
Martin Stuflesser (German, Roman Catholic)

** Past-President: 
James Puglisi (American, Catholic)

Council Members:
*Tom Elich (Australian, Roman Catholic)
** Irene Mildenberger (German, Lutheran)
*Keith Griffiths (who replaced Gordon Lathrop) (South African, Episcopalian)
** Harald Buchinger (German, Catholic)
*Jenny O’Brien (Australian, Roman Catholic)
** Patrick Prétot (French, Roman Catholic)* Position open for election
** Term Expires August 2013



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