Liturgy and Ecumanism

7 -10 August 2023
St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland

Liturgie and Ecumanism

Liturgie et Oecumenisme

Liturgie und Okumene

The text of the congress statement can be found on the newsletter here:

Keynote Lectures for the 2021 Congress

Bridget Nichols
The Presidential Address

The Art of Liturgy François Cassingena, FR, poet and liturgist
La liturgie comme poétique fondamentale

response Arnaud Montoux, FR, medieval aesthetics

The Arts in Liturgy David Brown, UK, philosphy, theology, the arts
Liturgical Constraints and Openness in Divine Address

response Gerald Liu, USA, worship and preaching

Liturgy and the Arts Deborah Sokolove, USA, arts, theology, liturgy, culture
Liturgy, the Arts, and the Need of the World

response Marcia McFee, USA, liturgical consultant, worship, dance, theatre

Liturgy as Public Art Mirella Klomp, NL, public ritual and liturgy
Ars ludendi. Urban liturgies as public service in a secular world

response Dominik Abel, GER