Studia Liturgica

An International Ecumenical Journal for Liturgical Research and Renewal.

Studia Litugica is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. Founded in 1962 and now published by SAGE on behalf of Societas Liturgica.

Studia Liturgica’s aim is to:

  • Encourage research in the field of worship and allied subjects and explore the pastoral implications of such research
  • Facilitate the exchange of results and other liturgical knowledge
  • To deepen the mutual understanding of the various liturgical traditions and seeks for ways to make clear the relevance of liturgy in the contemporary world

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Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Peter C. Bower, USA

Assistant Editors

Kathryn Naylor, UK
Jennifer O’Brien, Australia
Shawn Strout, USA

Class of 2021

Júlio Cézar Adam, Brazil
Carmel Pilcher, Australia
Stephan Winter, Germany

Class of 2023

Rima Nasrallah, Lebanon
Frédérique Poulet,
Shawn Strout, USA

The President (ex-officio)

Ron Anderson, USA

Societas Liturgica Co-Treasurers

Harvey Howlett, UK
Jason Lucas, USA

How to Submit a Manuscript

The Editorial Board actively encourage articles for publication in Studia Liturgica which is distributed to over 3,000 institutions around the world and, thus, can stimulate cross-fertilization of research, ideas, concepts, conclusions among colleagues as well as thousands of other people

Papers from diverse traditions, cultures, and geographic regions are earnestly welcomed as well as illustrative line drawings, diagrams, charts/tables, and even high contrast black & white photos.

To submit a manuscript, all authors create an account in “SAGE track” where manuscripts are then submitted

If you need any assistance establishing your SAGE account, e-mail Rosie Londal, Assistant Editor at SAGE for help – details are on the SAGE

Publication is not guaranteed, but a thoughtful review of all papers will be made by peer reviewers.