Keynote Lectures for the Durham Congress

John Maddison
Housing and Honouring the Saints: English Medieval Architecture and the Cult of Relics

Felix Phiri
Re-Membering in Action: Liturgy and Healing of Hurt Memories

Bruce T. Morrill
Models of Liturgical Memory: Mystical-Political Dimensions, Mythic-Historic Tensions

Jessica Ortner
Erinnerung zwischen Verortung und Mobilität – Diaspora, Holocaust und Exil im Spiegelbild gegenwärtiger deutsch-jüdischer Literatur

Bénédicte Mariolle
Les funérailles: mémoire de Pâques et incorporation au Christ ressuscité

Stefano Parenti
Between Anamnesis and Praise: The Origin of Oblation in Syro-Byzantine Anaphoras

Joris Geldof : Presidential Address
Penetration – Permeation – Fermentation – Transformation: Ponderings on the Being of Liturgy and its Memorial Modes

Societas Liturgica is most grateful to all those who have given generously to support our 2019 Congress in Durham:

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The Alcuin Club

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The Sisters of the Love of God

The Society of St Gregory

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