2021 Online Congress hosted fromNotre Dame, South Bend IN, USA

July 20-22, 2021 - ONLINE

The Council was delighted to have accepted an offer from the University of Notre Dame to host the 2021 Congress of Societas Liturgica. We were even more blessed when it became clear that an in-person congress would not be possible because of he Covid pandemic, as the team an Notre Dame fully supported and enabled the Congress to move online .

Keynote Lectures for the 2021 Congress

Bridget Nichols
The Presidential Address

The Art of Liturgy François Cassingena, FR, poet and liturgist
La liturgie comme poétique fondamentale

response Arnaud Montoux, FR, medieval aesthetics

The Arts in Liturgy David Brown, UK, philosphy, theology, the arts
Liturgical Constraints and Openness in Divine Address

response Gerald Liu, USA, worship and preaching

Liturgy and the Arts Deborah Sokolove, USA, arts, theology, liturgy, culture
Liturgy, the Arts, and the Need of the World

response Marcia McFee, USA, liturgical consultant, worship, dance, theatre

Liturgy as Public Art Mirella Klomp, NL, public ritual and liturgy
Ars ludendi. Urban liturgies as public service in a secular world

response Dominik Abel, GER



Number Name Title
1 Bastubacka, Johan Spiritual Beauty: The Theologizing of the Body, Vision, and Aesthetics in Orthodox Divine Liturgy
2 Bear, Carl The Art of Congregational Singing in Historical Context
3 Belcher, Kimberly Rites for a World in Crisis: Eschatology and Rituals of Affliction in Response to Personal, Social, and Ecological Catastrophe
4 Budwey, Stephanie St Wilgefortis: A Queer Image for Today
5 Bugyis, Katie Illuminating Rituals for the Dead in the Mortuary Roll of Prioress Lucy of Castle Hedingham
6 Chase, Nathan Developments in Early Eucharistic Praying in Light of Changes in Early Christian Liturgical Spaces
7 Cones, Bryan Mixed Media: The Assembly as “Environment and Art”
8 Haspelmath- Finatti, Dorothea The Lord be with you – and also with you. An Ecumenical View of Ordained and Baptized Ministries through the Lens of Responsorial Singing
9 Geldhof, Joris The Deësis on Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece: Its Potential for a Liturgical Theology of the Future
10 Hegy, Pierre Functional vs Mystagogical Conceptions of Art and Liturgy in three televised Sunday services
11 Heiremans, Jeroen The art of translation: the successive translations of the orations in the Dutch language area
12 Johnson, Sarah Occasional Religious Practice and the Liturgical Arts
13 Klee, Richard Prophetic and Eschatological Arts: Second Temple Narratives of Marriage and Burial
14 Knowles, Walter The Craft of Liturgy
15 Kolar, Pavel Liturgical borderlines: new artistic expressions of memento
16 Larson-Miller, Lizette ‘In Procession before the World’: Spectacles of Faith Outside the Walls of the Church
17 Magas, Kevin Liturgy for Art’s Sake?: The 20th-Century Liturgical Movement and the Challenge of Aestheticism
18 O’Donoghue, Neil Xavier Receiving Communion on the Hand: Liturgical Abuse or Meaningful Sign?
19 Ottaway, Jonathan Participation as a Theological Assessment for Pentecostal Liturgy and Art
20 Sabak, James Complementarity and Conflict: The Use of Images of the Pantocrator and the Crucified in Liturgical Worship
21 Schiefelbein- Guerrero, Kyle The Environs of the Digital Church: How Art and Space Form Community in Online Liturgical Events
22 Scott, Hilton As we live, so we believe, so we worship together
23 Sebeesh, Jacob Intercultural Icons in Christian Worship: Narratives and Impressions upon Joy Elamkunnapuzha’s Inculturational Art in North India
24 Shokikyan, Arman When a Script becomes Beauty: Engaging with the Armenian Lectionary of King Hetum
25 Smith, Jason What Can Touchdown Jesus Teach Us about the Christ of Faith? Sport and Liturgical Theology in Dialogue
26 Smith, Jenny Word Art: Re-Dressing Liturgical Spaces in the English and Dutch Reformations
27 Stokoe, Mark The Shrine: a Re-interpretation of Ravenna’s Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
28 Tandei, Samuel Screen-ing’ the Congregation: Liturgical Singing as Constructive Ecclesiology in a Post-CoVID Christianity
29 Turner, Paul Assumptions about Art and Architecture in the Vatican’s 1977 Ordo Dedicationis Ecclesiæ et Altaris
30 van Ommen, Léon Art and Autism: Sensory Inclusion and Exclusion
31 Vogel, Henk The Power of Psalms. Evaluating their Meaning in Post-secular Society
32 Wakeling, Jennifer Textless Music in Christian Worship: Exploring the Emergent and Semiotic Dimensions of Sacramentality
33 Bonningues, Marc Une homélie “évènement”: allocution du pape Paul VI aux artistes. Chapelle Sixtine (7 mai 1964)
34 Drouin, Gilles Le défi de l’intégration de l’art d’aujourd’hui dans une grande cathédrale médiévale
35 Morizot, Caroline Vitrail et liturgie à l’aube du concile de Trente : l’exemple de Sainte- Foy de Conches (France /// 1540-1553)
36 Poulet, Frédérique Art liturgique et esthétique théologique: quelles ressources chez Hans Urs Von Balthasar
37 Sauvé, Julien L’assemblée liturgique comme icône
38 Soncarrieu, Anne Et nous avons vu sa gloire – Interprétation théologique du mobilier liturgique créé par André Gence
39 Sautory, Martine Les chapelles d’artistes de Maurice Denis, d’Henri Matisse et de Georges Braque: leurs enjeux artistiques et leurs interprétations théologiques.


Societas Liturgica is grateful for the support it has continued to receive from the Local Committee at the University of Notre Dame who are continuing to work with us to ensure a successful congress in spite of the sadness that we will no longer be able to join them on Campus in South Bend

We are grateful for the sponsorship received from Calvin Institute for Christian Worship and their support for the liturgy during the congress